UNICOOL Air Conditioner for Telecommunication Base Station

The AIRSYS UNICOOL line of wall mounted HVAC systems is optimized for energy efficient removal of heat generated by electronics from enclosed shelters. All units are equipped with variable speed inverter compressors, variable speed EC fans, and an advanced control system that increases system efficiency while reducing wear and tear.

Another feature that promotes energy efficiency is the robustly designed integrated economizer, described as “free cooling”. This feature, when conditions are suitable, provides 100% of the rated cooling capacity of the wall pack unit (WPU) while consuming ~ 1kW or less whenever the outdoor temperature is a few degrees lower than a predetermined setpoint. This feature alone can save equipment shelter operators significant utility costs, especially in cooler climates


  • Various telecommunication base stations
  • Advanced technology, electronic devices and switching rooms
  • Power distribution stations
  • Industrial process control centres

Energy Saving Operation
A built-in free cooling system operates when the outdoor temperature is lower than the room temperature; this reduces the need for a compressor-based cooling and so greatly reduces energy consumption. When the indoor and outdoor temperature difference reaches 10°C  free cooling provides a cooling capacity equal to or even greater than that provided by mechanical cooling. The maximum annual energy saving can reach 90%.

Lower & Front Air Supply Modes
With lower & front air supply modes the air conditioner can cool equipment within the shelter more effectively, reducing operation time and energy consumption of the unit.

Easy Maintenance
The main components can be accessed and maintained from the front of the unit; the panel is light weight at less than 10kg.

Strong Structure
The structure is strong enough to be transported even where passage is difficult.

Dual Cooling Sources
MINICOOL units are equipped with both a mechanical cooling system and a free cooling system as standard. Fresh air free cooling is designed to be the primary source of cooling.

The frames and panels of these units are made from galvanized steel plate and protected with an anti-corrosion coating. The high sensible heat ratio is above 0.9. MOBILECOOL-OUTDOOR has a wide working range(-30°C~53°C)

Working Mode is Auto-Selected
The unit automatically selects mechanical cooling or free cooling according to the indoor and outdoor temperature. When a power outage or mechanical cooling failure occurs, the unit defaults to free cooling mode.

Comfort Mode
A service engineer can set the HVAC to work in comfort mode (22℃,adjustable) by pressing two buttons on the user terminal. Half an hour later, the unit will return to working at the normal temperature.

Includes a large number of necessary alarms, fire/smoke alarm, power inverter box and power failure alarm, primary power outage alarm.

Data output
A standard RS485 communications card enables automatic download of logs. The format of the data can be comma separated (CSV) or an Excel file.

Other features

  • Humidity control
  • Random restart when power restored
  • Step-test
  • Running data logging

FREECOOL Intelligent Control Free Cooling Box

The FREECOOL intelligent ventilation unit is suitable for shelters and small data centres; the unit introduces lower temperature outdoor fresh air to cool the equipment room. By using the FREECOOL unit the running hours of other air conditioning units can be significantly reduced; achieving a power energy saving around 30~90%.

FREECOOL units can work in conjunction with existing air conditioner units; when the unit supplies its full cooling capacity the existing air conditioners could stop completely.

The FREECOOL unit can connected to, at maximum, two air conditioner units.
The unit is available in various installation positions: outdoor and indoor, packaged and split, and different power supplies: 220v AC, 48v DC, offering several options for the application environment.

1000~3450 m3/h

  • Various telecommunication base stations
  • Advanced technology, electronic devices and switching rooms
  • Power distribution stations
  • Industrial process control centres
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Good, strong structural design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Small dimensions
  • Flexible installation
  • Ability to control other air conditioners
  • Complete, automatic protection


The METROCOOL unit is specially designed for industrial environments, standing up to high temperatures, heavy pollution and continuous working demand, METROCOOL offers high efficiency, strict fire proofing, various power supply options and wide operating conditions with high reliability.

METROCOOL is a split air conditioning unit with a rational design that is convenient for maintenance.

5.2~13.0 kW

  • Rail transit
  • Mine workings
  • Metallurgy & Petrochemical industries
  • Industrial process control centres
  • Highly reliable
  • High temperature resistance
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Fire-proof
  • Good structural design
  • Easy maintenance

TELECOOL Cabinet Air Conditioner

TELECOOL units are specially designed for the telecoms sector, meeting the trend for down-sizing and energy saving in communications equipment. The unit is of the packaged type and all components are assembled as a whole. With just a few screws needed to install the unit it can operational as soon as power is supplied.


  • Compact telecom-cabinets
  • Mechanical facility control cabinets
  • Inverter cabinets
  • Free cooling (optional)
  • Reliable operation
  • Constructed using highly reliability components
  • R134a Refrigerant
  • High temperature operation (50℃)
  • Indoor-outdoor universal design
  • Packaged structure
  • Easy installation

FREECOOL-AD Adiabatic Evaporation Cooling Unit

FREECOOL-AD, an adiabatic evaporation cooling unit, is designed for small/medium data centres or electronic equipment rooms. Direct free cooling will be used when the outdoor temperature is low; however, if ambient temperature rises, the adiabatic mode will be used. Ambient air blows through the built-in pad saturated with water, evaporating water by air flow.

Using the FREECOOL-AD unit can significantly reduce the running hours of other air conditioning units; achieving a power energy saving of around 30%~90%. The FREECOOL-AD unit uses an EC fan to adjust the air volume automatically according to the temperature difference; this minimises power consumption.

FREECOOL-AD has easy installation and convenient maintenance without a refrigeration system. The unit only needs to connect to inlet/outlet water pipes on the work site. A choice of down flow and up flow units using the same structure offers flexibility for different customers’ needs.


  • Small to mid-sized switching rooms for telecommunication
  • Small to mid-sized data centres and computer rooms
  • UPS and battery rooms
  • Industrial process control centres
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Good, strong structural design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation, flexible choice of supply air schemes
  • Prevents Legionnaires’ disease
  • Air supply humidity control
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Intelligent control
  • Random restart when power restored