Founded in 1995, with its headquarter in Beijing, AIRSYS is an international well known cooling air-conditioning equipment supplier for ICT (information and communication technology) and medical imaging and diagnostic equipment.

Its main products include air-conditioning unit for data center computer room and central cold source, air-conditioning unit for telecom shelter, air-conditioner for telecom cabinet, chiller unit for medical treatment and air-conditioner unit. All products are designed and manufactured with high reliability, energy saving, extensive working range, precise control and year-round non-stop operation.

After years of development, AIRSYS has established industry-leading products and technology R&D center, with the region’s largest manufacturing base, not only offering the customers with exclusive varieties of cooling and air-conditioning products, but also the solutions, technical advice, engineering design and construction for cooling and air-conditioning energy saving application, as well as the whole process service of contract energy management.

AIRSYS’ products are sold all over the world, and it is now one of the world famous cooling and air-conditioning product supplier, as well as the internationally competitive professional supplier of cooling and air-conditioning equipment and engineering.


Reliable means supplying reliable products and services and winning long-term trust from satisfied clients customers in order to maintain & grow market share

Efficient means optimizing our resources distribution & maintaining a lean organisation to ensure sustainable business development and maximizing our customers profit margins

Responsible means being responsible & caring for customers shareholders, employees, suppliers, and society.
Respectful means showing respect to all stakeholders, whether they are customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, partners or competitors.



Airsys was founded with five initial staff.


Over 100 employees. Beijing factory started CKD assembling thewater cooled chiller; Products in the Shanghai stock exchange, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.


ISO 9001 certificate approved.


Beijing factory started production of air-cooled heat pump water chiller and Tianjin factory started production of computer room air conditioner by Airsys brand.


Developed and produced shell tube heat exchange and AS2000 controller. Won the best employer by


Became China mobile central purchasing supplier.


Entered India and Russia market; Became China high speed railway’s air conditioner products supplier; Project Reliance created global shelter air conditioner purchase record.


Was rated as Beijing Enterprise Technology Center; ISO14000 and ISO18000 certificate approved; Became suppliers of Vodafone Turkey, Turk Telecom and Version


ISO13485 certificate approved; Release the CRITICOOL-FC products with free cooling.

Won the first prize of Beijing science and technology; Developed CHILLROW series in-rack units;

Beijing factory was established.


Started CKD assembling the computer room air conditioner; Products in Three Gorges Project.


Tianjin factory and Shanghai Service Company were established.


Implemented new VI system. Became GE medical’s global supplier, medical chiller awarded GE“global provider of technology innovation award”.


Beijing factory expanded. Became Huawei, ZTE’s suppliers


Released new product free cooling box (FCB) and shelter; Attended ITU exhibition, entered international market.


Gu’an factory was established; Was rated as high-tech enterprises; Released DATACOOL and OPTIMA what are computer room air conditioner products; Became Siemens healthcare’s refrigeration products supplier.


National IPR advantageous enterprises; Released DATACOOL- package, FREECOOL-HD series; Became Philips’ medical supplier.


Airsys(UK) was established; Released OPTIMA-FC series with free cooling; Released direct expansion ventilation units; Released METROCOOL products; Became BT (UK)’s Supplier.


Won the second prize of national technological innovation award; Released frequency series of computer room air conditioner.

Mission & Vision

As a supplier of air-conditioning and cooling equipment, AIRSYS is committed to providing high reliability cooling solutions for “critical environment”; after years of development, AIRSYS accumulates comprehensive experience, is capable of utilizing effective cost control to meet customers’ customization requirements for special products, thereby winning the trust of numerous international major customers.

Research and Development Level

Human resource: having an R & D team consisting of a group of industrial leading experts and senior engineers, capable of customizing products for international major customers, to meet the diverse needs of high-end international customers. Laboratory equipment: having the most complete and various types of laboratory and laboratory equipment in the industry, including performance test equipment for air-conditioner in computer room, performance test equipment for chiller, high/low temperature test equipment, water spray test equipment, and a variety of test equipment for temperature, humidity, noise, air pressure, wind speed, etc. Technical level: an international leader in such fields as air-conditioner for precise computer room, air-conditioner for mobile shelter, cabinet heat exchanger and air-cooled heat pump, applying for more than 65 patents.


AIRSYS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ICT air-conditioning equipment, which has two modern manufacturing bases in Beijing and Gu’an, Hebei respectively, with a total production area of over 30,000 m2, equipped with the most advanced production line for sheet metal, painting and evaporator & condenser. It reaches an annual production capacity of 150,000 units, can meet customers’ diverse needs.